De Graauw Legal provides example settlement agreement under Dutch law

16 Mar

The most common way to terminate an employment contract under Dutch law is by mutual consent. The terms and conditions of the termination are drawn up in a so-called settlement agreement or termination agreement. The Dutch word that is used is 'vaststellingsovereenkomst'. Usually, these terms are subject to negotiations and legal advisors are involved.

Employees who are confronted with such a settlement agreement to end their employment, frequently search fo information and an exemple agreement on the internet. This is used to get an idea of the contents and to compare the provided draft agreement. Often these agreements under Dutch law, are also drawn up in the Dutch language. However, it is vital that the employee can read and understand the contents. Therefore expats and other employees who don't speak Dutch are provided with an English version. The same sometimes goes for employees that work in The Netherlands for a multinational that uses English as main language.

To help these employees De Graauw Legal added an English example settlement agreement, i.e. termination agreement, to their (free) knowledgebase on the website This is used to terminate employment by mutual consent under Dutch law.

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