You may be amazed to hear that there are over 180 million field inspections ordered every single year.

Philadelphia, PA, January 21, 2010 -- Every time someone applies for an insurance coverage, insurance companies send out a loss control inspector to inspect for damages. These inspectors investigate for things like destruction or vandalism of vacant homes, broken walkways, lack of handrails, and so forth to find potential problems that might cause claims down the road. In this turbulent economy, especially with all the foreclosures caused by the housing crisis, insurance companies are being bombarded by claims. These inspectors save money for insurance companies, and therefore get paid very well, they also are their own bosses and set their own hours. In an economy that is spiraling out of control, these jobs are little sought as few know about them and in great demand because of the housing crisis. These jobs take minimal training, are not hard to get, and offer great income opportunity at a time when unemployment nears 10% and is at a 26 year high. So how hard is it to qualify for and get a loss control inspector job? It's as simple as $129.99, an Internet connection, and a month of someone's time.

Thanks to for a limited time, for only $129.99, anyone can learn to become a loss control inspector. People will be taught the basic knowledge needed to procure a loss control inspectors job, and will even be shown where to find available jobs. All the online study material that is required is provided for the training fee, which can be printed out and studied at will, then an online test is taken and that's it, once passed a certificate of completion is even provided that can be printed out and given to potential employers. The test consists of 50 simple questions, and the material will teach everything necessary to pass it. People can take it at their own pace from wherever they like, pass the test, print out the certificate and get started on a new fulfilling career as a loss control inspector.

Those that enroll by February 1st can take the course for only $129.99. This Training program was developed by a group of successful, experienced Insurance Professionals who formed this inexpensive, easy to use online training program that anyone can take. It's a great way to stay out of those horrible unemployment statistics.

About Loss Control Training Program:
Loss Control Training staff has extensive backgrounds in claims investigations, insurance underwriting practices and loss control inspections. The exclusive program is designed to provide essential information necessary to perform various types of loss control inspections, and to help anyone who passes to qualify for an exciting new career. The course is updated routinely with input from insurance companies and active insurance professionals.

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