Deer velvet antler, as the name indicates, is a product obtained from velvety antlers of various species of deer like red deer, elks, etc. Antlers are boney horn-like projections that grow every year from pedicles present on the head of the animal. Deer velvet has been used traditionally for thousands of years in oriental countries like China for its unique healing qualities and its great effects on the human body. It is known to be among the most potent animal-based cures in the Chinese branch of traditional medicine.

New Zealand, with its pristine natural environment, is one of the primary producers of deer antler velvet in the world. There stags are specially raised on farms where a favourable climate and good feeding provide optimal conditions for growth. During spring, the antler velvet begins to grow on the animal and grows rapidly each day. It is removed from the animal through careful procedures, which are performed by vets or trained farmers, using anesthesia. The velvet is removed while still in its pre-calcified form. It is then dried or frozen and, powdered before being marketed in various forms for consumption. As heating leads to destruction or decrease in the nutritional value of the product, modern nonheat methods like freeze-drying are gaining popularity because of their ability to preserve the bio-active components.

Deer velvet has many known uses, many of which have also been proven scientifically. It enhances the function of our immune system, supports the body's natural regulation of hemoglobin in anemic patients, maintains women’s health, has anti-ageing properties and increases life-span. It is especially beneficial in relief of joint pains and improves joint flexibility. It is also known to be an aphrodisiac and have strong wound healing characteristics. It has the power to heal persistent wounds by supporting the growth of blood vessels. It helps reinstate normal body functions and gives mental and physical strength to the body.

Athletes also use deer velvet extract as a nutritional supplement to improve strength and performance. It helps them in fine joint mobility, to retain muscle power, improve aerobic capacity and to endure climatic extremes. There have been recorded instances of athletes and sportsmen benefiting from velvet antler. If consumed during weight training and body-building, deer velvet acts as a substitute natural supplement. It has been found that the antler velvet contains high levels of some exceptional components, like collagen, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, protein lipids, amino & fatty acids, polysaccharides, and many more minerals.

The west has realized the unique powers of this 2000-year old natural dietary supplement as a remedy for a number of problems related to the human body. It is being more widely used than ever before because of the trying lifestyle demands of the present times. Also, more and more people are getting away from harsh allopathic remedies and veering toward alternative branches of holistic cures, backed by scientific research.
Deer velvet antler is made easily available to consumers in the shape of various medicinal products. You can find it in the form of tablets, capsules, powders, teas, extracts, or even slices. It can well be referred to as the secret of good health and staying young.

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