Delicatessen: Heavens of Gastronomic Delights

07 Jan

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No one can call their visit to New York complete without experiencing the gastronomic delights of New York delis that are found all over the city. Who does not love truffled pâté, caviar, foie gras or great pastrami on rye easing with cheese? If you are a true gourmet and find delight in eating and serving luxury food then starting your own Delicatessen can be just the right business for you. Spending your whole day sitting among the delicately aromatic foods that tickle the palate is dream come true for any food lover.

Delicatessens are known for keeping stock of high value luxury foods like sausages, liverwurst, cured meats, cheese of various kinds, spare ribs, cold salads, dips, pickled olives, handmade chocolates and breads of different kinds. These food items are elegantly displayed in well lit deli cases for customers to choose from. But when we talk of delicatessens in America, majority has a sandwich menu most of which are made to order right in front of the eyes of the customers keeping in with his personal preference. They also prepare party trays and made-to-order green salads. You can also get a wide variety of wet salad along with prepared pasta, potato, chicken, tuna, and shrimp here. These edibles are displayed beneath the counter and sold by weight or on a sandwich.

Delicatessens offer a wide variety of beverages to make a complete meal possible. They have a collection of soft drinks, teas, milk, coffee along with chips and a selection cookies and snack foods, both pre-packaged and store-made, cellophane wrapped stuff displayed in a deli case.

Some delicatessen also offer food items which are traditionally preferred for breakfast, like waffles, bacon, sausages, pancakes, bagels, light pastries, yogurt and breakfast sandwiches. However, the menu of any delicatessen depends largely on the ethnic diversity of the area where it is located. For instance, ham which is most common cold meat in southeast is conspicuous by its absence from delis in areas where Jewish people live.

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