MaKashmirPashmina is a family business based in the United Kingdom with direct sourcing in Kashmir India through the family roots. We are here to sell genuine fine pashmina products from Kashmir at a

Our motto is to provide good value for money ““ provide high quality exclusive cashmere/Kashmir Pashmina at a good price.

We assure you that what we are selling is real, authentic, genuine stunning and elegant pashmina of excellent high quality shawl that is brand new and very well packed.

These exclusive shawls are hand spun, woven and embroidered in Kashmir made from very fine cashmere fibre. They are not like other cheap shawls that are machine made in Nepal and China.

An individual exclusive hand loomed shawl takes about 3-4 months in making. As they are hand woven - no two shawls will be the same. Every shawl is unique in its own way ““ design, colour, texture and embroidery varies.

The shawls listed are just few samples of the items that can be bought straightaway from the web site. If you do have anything else in you mind then you may use our Made To Order facility.

We believe in continuous improvement and open for ideas, so if you think there is anything that we lack then please do contact us at [email protected]

We also work with the local Kashmiri charity XXXXXXX by giving away 10% of our profit. They support poor children from in and around Kashmir rural areas, by financing their school fees. This means to say that many kashmiri children will now have access to an education they would otherwise be denied. You may also choose to donate something at the checkout. If you donate £10, we will match your additional contribution.

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