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The Motability cars scheme has just got even better, as Dickens' Vauxhall range now includes the offer of a nil down payment on most of the Vauxhalls available.

Wrexham, United Kingdom, September 7th, 2010 - The Motability car scheme has been a hugely successful and extremely popular one, bringing freedom and affordable transport to thousands of people placed otherwise in difficult, inconvenient or expensive situations. Offering highly discounted, free and fully serviced and financed cars, the Motability cars scheme is one which few people could suggest might be improved upon. However one approved supplier of Motability cars has, and with a number of very significant advantages and benefits available throughout the whole of September.

Dickens' Vauxhall range has long been reputed as one of the widest and most highly regarded in the area. As an approved supplier of Motability cars Dickens Group has been happy to help those eligible for the scheme to benefit from it. But throughout this September Dickens Group are also providing the opportunity to acquire a brand new Vauxhall under the scheme with no down payment at all. Normally with vehicles under the Motability cars scheme a down payment is required, but with the majority of vehicles available from Dickens' Vauxhall range this month the down payment is being waived.

Vauxhall cars have long proved popular under the Motability cars scheme because of their reputation for reliability and economy. The diesel vehicles available from Dickens' Vauxhall selection of vehicles offer outstanding fuel consumption, a comfortable ride, a stylish look and the reliability which comes with the reputation Vauxhall have. In addition to the nil down payment required by Dickens Group throughout September for vehicles purchased under the Motability cars scheme, all vehicles are also available with metallic or pearlescent paint free of charge. Fully insured, taxed and maintained Motability cars offer both peace of mind and freedom, but when purchased from Dickens Group the benefits go even further than this.

For more information about Dickens Group or to find out more about the Motability cars scheme visit their website at http://www.dickensgroup.com/Vauxhall.cfm/act/gen/page/motability

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Dickens Group is an approved supplier of Motability cars, and is pleased to offer advice or help to anyone looking to purchase Vauxhall car under the Motability scheme.

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