(Submit Articles) If you are a car fanatic, what can be a better gift for you than driving experiences this Christmas? Ooh! The sheer thrill of zooming down the track at double the normal speed can be experienced only in the UK!

Christmas is round the corner and you might be longing to have some fun. This time, have a different kind of fun, something that you have been dreaming of, but never dared to do it in real. It's a golden opportunity to bid adieu to 2010 with a thrush of adventure and welcome 2011 with a top speed driving experience to your credit.

Nowadays, you can easily speed off on the race tracks meant for professional car racers by shelling out just about 45 pounds. The more exciting thing is that professional racers guide you in rally driving, stunt driving, skidding at different angles, off-road driving, and formula one racing!

Can you really afford to miss such a magnificent driving opportunity? Not in your life!

There are a number of racing circuits for driving experience day for all kinds of drivers. Every circuit has its own specialty. Some are set to challenge the racers; some are within airfields that give a completely different experience; while others may have an open shape for beginners to experience the thrill of top speed without the fear of sharp corners. Whether you are in Northamptonshire, Wiltshire, Kent, Suffolk, or any other part of the UK, you can satisfy your driving urges..uh..to be precise, racing urges on these tracks.

Supercar Driving

Every car racer seeks a different adventure from speed. There are cars for all kinds of driving experiences. You can have the classic car like the AC Cobra, Ferrari 308, and 1972 Porsche. For the Formula One aspirers, Silverstone or Brands Hatch may be ideal. Then there are various interesting models of Lamborghinis, Aston Martinis, Ferraris, and Porsches.

The Kids Can Drive Too!

Well, you child may not have a driver's license, but if he or she is taller than 4 feet and ten inches, they may be lucky to get one of the superb driving experiences of their life! There are open shaped racing circuits in Woodbridge and Snetterton, ideal for children behind the wheels. Also, your child would get a presentation certificate as well as cool gift after a driving experience day.

Unique Driving Days

If you wish a unique driving experience, try driving a hovercraft, battle tank, JCB, or wacky cars. Activities like go karting or quad biking will bring out the natural driving streak in you. You would have never thought in your wildest dream that you would maneuver a tank or perform off-road driving without getting a ticket.

The best thing is that all these driving experiences come with a pocket-friendly price tag. Moreover, you can access your driving gift easily, as UK is thronged with racing circuits waiting for enthusiastic drivers who wish to do more than just steer the wheel within a speed limit.

The site http://www.drivinggift.co.uk has a collection of car models for different driving experiences. Ranging from Santa offers to Combo offers, there are all kinds of cars waiting to give you the ultimate speed thrill.

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