The Affliction brand has become a very recognizable brand over recent years, with the American market especially flocking to fashionable shops to buy the latest products. Now the Ed Hardy brand it hitting British stores and the products are already becoming extremely popular. The Ed Hardy tattoo art design has become the main image of the brand and each product has a tattoo style to suit the product. The outrageous designs are created to turn heads and bring some edge to high street fashion. Below are just a few of the great products on offer across the entire corgi range.

Ed Hardy bags are different. There are larger rucksacks and tote bags, and smaller purse like bags perfect for a night out. Some even come with a matching purse, like the "Ed Hardy Denim Desiree Bag". Ed Hardy makes bags for every occasion, and it is hard to find anything that his line does not include. They are simply perfect for modern urban living.

After having designed for the likes of Von Dutch Originals, it is safe to say that French designer Christian knows his fashion. This knowledge spawned a desire to create his own unique line, and this desire manifested itself in Ed Hardy luxury bags, a line of clothing and accessories based on the work of tattooist Don Ed Hardy.

Even though Audigier has gone to great lengths to create a line that is the epitome of style, he has not shirked on the comfort and wear ability factor. This is clear, more than anywhere else, in his line of tote bags and handbags.

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Today, you can see Ed Hardy stores here and there especially all over the world. If you're planning to purchase a Ed Hardy bag as a Christmas gift for your families and friends, you can also purchase online, just please visit the Ed Hardy Bags online store( for more discounts and save your money immediately! Good luck!

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