Digital Pickpockets Continue To Be Threat To Holders Of RFID-enabled Credit Cards

09 Sep

Manchester, NH — September 9, 2016 — The use of credit cards has been practiced for many decades due to the convenience and added security it brings. However, it seems that thieves have ways of sneaking into the pockets of consumers.

Digital pickpockets continue to be a threat to holders of RFID-enabled credit cards.  Credit cards have been used for speed and convenience in transacting business, such as paying goods and services.

The radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has been used to provide an added security to credit cards. The RFID microchip is usually embedded in the credit cards. It stores all the information of the card holder that is necessary in completing a transaction.

Unfortunately, the RFID technology makes it easy for thieves to commit their crimes. There are two methods fraudster use to steal information, and one is the use of credit card skimming devices. This device is designed to read and scan information from credit cards.

The other method is through the use of a smartphone. The magnetic strip of the credit card contains information, which is essential during transactions.

The RFID technology utilizes a hidden antenna in broadcasting information to an electronic card reader. The transaction is typically completed by tapping the credit card over so that the information in the magnetic strip is scanned.

Today, thieves use new smartphones that are equipped with the Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. This is a form of RFID technology that transmits and receives data through smartphone. Phones that are NFC enabled usually have the ability to read the microchip data of the credit card.

However, these phones need a software program to complete translate the information from the credit card. With the use of an app, an NFC enabled smartphone could be turned into a credit card stealing machine.

It has become quite easy for thieves to unnoticeably and easily steal credit card information through this method. With a little knowledge and the right tools, anyone can pretty much become a digital pickpocket.

Robbie Watson of Zelo Bike Shop finds this frightening when he was shown how digital pickpocketing works.

There are ways for consumers to protect themselves from digital pickpockets. One is to use the set of RFID blocking sleeves, which work by blocking the signals from card reading apps, phones, and devices.  This set of RFID blocking sleeves can be placed inside the wallet, and is highly ideal for individuals who need to be in crowded places such as a subway on a daily basis.

The set of RFID blocking sleeves is available at (
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