Effective Footcare Tips For Dry, Cracked Heels Finally Revealed

09 Sep

Wilmington, DE — September 09, 2016 — Summer and colder weather make the skin dry and unhealthy. It is imperative to take the measures necessary to keep the feet moisturize, smooth and healthy. There are ways to ensure that the needs of the feet are satisfied regardless of what the weather or season is.

Effective footcare tips for dry, cracked heels finally revealed. When the feet stay dry and callused, it can eventually lead to cracking, which can cause bleeding and pain. It could even make the feet susceptible to infections.

There are several factors that trigger dryness and cracking of the feet, and one is cold weather or indoor heating. It could also be caused by wearing ill-fitting footwear and standing all day. Individuals who do not practice footcare regimen on a daily basis are also prone to this problem.

One of the best ways to address this problem is to simply use the right fit and size of shoes. It should be the type of footwear that gives the feet a little bit of space to breathe and move. This will reduce the risk of pressure and friction, which could lead to the formation of calluses.

Washing the feet on a daily basis can also help. It should be soapy water that is not too hot to dry the skin out. It is important to remember that soaking the feet in hot water can be harmful to individuals who suffer from diabetes. It is also not advisable to individuals who have problems with circulation in their feet.

Exfoliation is one of the footcare techniques, and this can be done while washing. This can reduce the risk of callus formation because it would eliminate dead skin. There are tools to exfoliate the feet such as pumice stone or wash cloth.

Washing the feet should be followed with drying them thoroughly. The areas between the toes, which are typically warm and moist, should be dried to prevent fungus and bacteria from growing. Moisturizing the feet is also helpful to prevent dryness.

There are nail salons and foot spas available nowadays that offer a variety of foot care services. These establishments are specifically helpful for individuals who are dealing with thickened and hardened calluses.

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