Divinity Offers You A Lifetime Opportunity For Being Empowered By Spirituality Involved With Chakras

07 Aug

Chennai, 07 August, 2012- In a general opinion we are the evolutions of our culture.  It is what we know that defines our personality.  Our knowledge, today, has been grossly limited by various forces.  The change in lifestyle, limited time and little intention for in-depth learning has left all of us with almost no knowledge about our glorified ancient history. We, as Indians, have been a part of a voyage that has been enriched with a deeper root of understanding and acute sense of knowledge about many super-natural, astrological as well as spiritual forces around us. It was the Indians who were the first to talk about cosmic energy and the relevance of chakras in our life.  The world, today, is talking about energy healing but it derives its roots from our country.  Over and above that, Vedic astrology, hypnosis and many other sciences have been credited for being discovered from India.
As misery takes over our life in the modern era, there are people who have reflected interest and intention of falling back upon our own knowledge and insights.  People are interested to explore their base through these spiritual healing and kundalini jagaran processes that has been practices among many segregated groups in India.  However, with the limited knowledge available in the world, how to go about some reliable resource person to undergo such a training?  

Divinity could be your ultimate destination for all training and facilities related to spiritual empowerment. Indian spirituality has many secrets and it was the intrigue of this secret which instigated Mr. Praveen Saanker, a highly successful and apex-level Investment Banker, to come along with Mr. Prakash Menon, another highly blessed natural psychologist, and establish this institution.  Divinity offers versatile services ranging from energy healing to Vedic astrology.  Moreover, its certification courses are a rage among the students who want to explore deep into their ancient culture with meta-physics and astral science. With the intricate understanding of universe as a manifestation of one spiritual reality, trainers of Divinity have developed a path breaking system of versatile training sessions catering to major aspects of metaphysics.
A senior spokesperson of Divinity articulates, – “We are among the few recognized institutions, offering training on hypnotherapy in Chennai. We have always believed that India is a land of knowledge. While many people find it difficult to understand the spiritual concepts of power and kundalini, we ensure that we become the medium to spread the knowledge about the power that controls this universe. We offer various certification courses which can help people to understand the reality and enrich their life both professionally and personally.”

Divinity is an institution which takes you back to the ancient heritage of knowledge from India. With many people finding themselves in various material troubles these days, Divinity allows you to look in our past through past-life regression and helps you to identify for solutions to overcome the problems.  Not only does it offer services of Vedic astrology and energy healing through jagaran (empowerment) of kundalini and chakras, it also offers dedicated trainings to manifest divinity in a human.

Are you looking for a hypnosis training institute in Chennai?  Do you want yourself to be free of all worldly botherations?  Do you want to know what your chakras specify about you and your performance at work and in your regular life?  Visit www.divinity.in and get to explore everything that you have ever desired about your life!

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