DMV Artist, Ryan Lucas, is Drumming up a Buzz with the Gentlemen Band!

20 Mar

Ryan Lucas aka “Kevin Live!” was born and raised in Washington, DC, USA. Growing up in the DMV, Ryan Lucas developed a passion for HipHop. After listening to his older brother’s Wu-Tang and Tribe Called Quest albums, Ryan Lucas’s passion spiraled into a lifelong ambition. He began working on his craft, in hopes of laying down his first official record. 

Ryan Lucas

With strong determination and dedication, Ryan Lucas recorded his first single “Boy Meets Girl” under the name “Kevin Live!” The feedback was tremendous and Ryan Lucas’s fanbase grew rapidly. Despite the hype, and publicity, Ryan Lucas remained focused. In June 2013 Ryan Lucas went in search of a backing band. Several musicians responded to the post and “The DC Gentlemen Band” was launched. They later evolved into a group of four members: Kevin Live, D2, Trevor, and Jahrel. 

Ryan Lucas and The Gentlemen Band are currently working on their first album, which also features a single called “Boy Likes Girl$$$”. The single is a follow up to “Boy Meets Girl”. Ryan Lucas has proven himself to be the next big artist out of the DMV. His passion for HipHop, and love for his fans has brought him a long way. “You have the POWER within yourself to change the world. BE HAPPY, BE HEALTHY, BE FLY, BE L!VE”, says Ryan Lucas. For all the latest music and videos from Ryan Lucas, one may visit his social media pages: