Jamaica Worldwide Festival Of Colour — A Highlight for Travellers

19 Mar

Essential Hotel Collection customers staying at one of the brand’s Jamaica hotels this March will get to witness the island’s participation in the Worldwide Festival of Colour, an event organised by a German company.

The festival, officially launched mid-March at the KGN8 Party Zone in Stony Hill, will be invading the island on the 30th of the month, in what is set to be the island’s first-ever participation in this event. This groundbreaking achievement has already been causing waves across the island, as the locals prepare themselves for what promises to be a celebration well in keeping with the Jamaicans’ colourful personality.

Organised by Elara Entertainment, a German-based company with additional offices in Spain and the Cayman Islands, the Worldwide Festival of Colour sees throngs of people across the globe dress in white and congregate in a set location to throw brightly coloured powder into the air. This celebration of happiness doubles as an attempt to make the world forget its worries, if only temporarily. The origins of this event hark back to ancient India, where the Holi festival helped mark the end of winter and the coming of spring. The present-day festival is an update of that historical celebration, which fuses its original purpose with modern sensibilities.

In previous years, events connected to this festival have been held in such varied locations as Europe, South Africa, North America and Latin America. This is, however, the first time organisers of the event have come to the Caribbean, which further explains the local population’s high levels of enthusiasm and anticipation.

The event itself is sponsored by several music and events companies, and will take place at the same Party Zone in which the official launch party was held. In line to provide the electronic and soca beats are a number of top DJs, both Jamaican and hired from overseas. Their beats, coupled with the joyous nature of the festival, should ensure that it attracts the attention of Essential Hotel Collection customers visiting Jamaica at the end of March.

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