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Valley Industrial deliver superb range of modern dispensers

London, United Kingdom, November 18th, 2010 ““ With their new range of modern dispensers, VIP Clean (www.vipclean.co.uk) has an all new way to make bathroom decor stand out. Their chrome and nickel plated Dolphin dispensers bring a touch of style and class to every bathroom ““ and the price is right too.
The Dolphin range has been designed to add a pleasing look and excellent functionality to all the fittings in the public, professional and corporate bathroom environment. Every dispenser is fronted with easy care chrome and nickel plating and has been designed to fit sleekly with pretty much all normal types of bathroom and convenience decor.

Dolphin dispensers show customers across the range of building and facility ownerships, club franchises and industries that their health and hygiene fittings don’thave to let them down. With the durability of the nickel chrome plating, the clean classic lines of the dispensers and the combination of extruded or intruded inserts for each function (check out the in wall toilet paper dispenser for a funky and space saving addition to your cubicles), there’s a Dolphin dispenser for every need and every business.

Dolphin dispensers cover the full range of bathroom fittings: soap dispensers; towel dispensers; toilet paper dispensers. They also cover the whole gamut of mountings and space saving opportunities or uses. Customers can choose from wall mounted, flush mounted, in wall, under cabinet and under counter. They can also opt for combination units ““ like the Dolphin paper towel and soap dispenser ““ to save space or control their budget spending.

The message from Valley Industrial Products is clear. Plastic is so last year. Get with the programme and get your public wash room spaces looking up to the job with Dolphin dispensers. For more information, visit (www.vipclean.co.uk/index.php?_a=viewCat&catId=2516_a=viewCat&catId=2516&sort_by=price&sort_order=low )

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Valley Industrial Products is a UK based supplier of washroom and cleaning products apart from a wide range of eco friendly cleaning products and janitorial supplies.

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