From the beginning, Christian Audigier was drawn to the rock and roll style of fashion. In fact, he wanted to be a famous rock star, but lacked the singing voice. Christian then moved into fashion, building the impressive portfolio you see today. Christian has left his indelible style on various brands over the past 20 years, but now brings you his latest creations: Ed Hardy clothing, Ed Hardy shoes, Ed Hardy fragrances, Ed Hardy belts, Ed Hardy fragrance, Ed Hardy eyewear, Ed Hardy hats and Ed Hardy Kids' shoes.

Christian Audigier and legendary tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy have combined their unconventional approaches and formed a vintage tattoo-inspired shoe line to complement the well-established Ed Hardy clothing line. Any comparable designer would rest on their laurels after having made such a distinct impression on the fashion world. However, Christian Audigier is not resting. His charismatic and colorful approach to fashion, fueled by Christian's ebullient promotional strategy, allowed him to elevate the tattoo art of Don Hardy and create Ed Hardy clothing, Ed Hardy shoes, Ed Hardy fragrance, Ed Hardy belts, Ed Hardy eyewear, Ed Hardy hats and Ed Hardy Kids' shoes by Christian Audigier. Ed Hardy is one of the hottest new brands and worn by style-conscious celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

With stores and scores of fans all over the world, Ed Hardy has become synonymous with edgy, rock n'roll-inspired style. Known for their use of dazzling rhinestones, vivid colors, and awesome images, Ed Hardy has truly created a one-of-a-kind look and lifestyle that's truly unmistakable.

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