Don’t be dazzled by this Autumn’s sunrises and sunsets

12 Sep

Do not be caught out by the sun when driving during Autumn and Winter.

September 12 2016 — there is no getting away from the fact that the summer months are over — although there is still some heat in the sun when it is out, and there is always hope for the elusive ‘Indian Summer’ — but due to sunrise and sunset now being during rush hours, the glare of the sun can be lethal to drivers.

The mornings are getting darker and the nights are drawing in, however for most of us our work journey still occurs during daylight hours.  You may have however noticed that the height of the sun at these times can result in it being difficult to see when driving.  It’s not just the sun directly, but the glare from the road can be just as blinding.

There are approximately 3000 road traffic accidents* each year as a result of glare from the sun ranging from minor to very serious.
The AA’s advice for driving during sunrise and sunset:

How to reduce the risk and possible consequence of being dazzled
-    Keep your windscreen clean inside and out
-    Renew wiper blades if worn
-    Keep a pair of sunglasses in the car, but make use of the sun visor too
-    Slow down immediately if dazzled
-    Bear in mind:
-    if the sun is behind you, it's in the eyes of those approaching you
-    if the sun is in your eyes it's probably affecting those following you too
-    Use headlights to help others see you

The risk will continue until British Summer Time ends on Sunday 30th October when the clocks go back — with minor roads being affected the most.

All road users are at risk from the dazzling sun.  Dog walkers, joggers and pedestrians may have to occasionally walk/run on the road.  It is highly recommended to ensure that if such persons need to go on a road then they head against the traffic so that approaching vehicles are easily visible.  If the sun dazzles a driver behind a person on the road, this could be fatal.

The AA says its own research based on official 2004 pedestrian casualty statistics, shows that 10.8 per cent of the 5,566 pedestrians killed or seriously injured when in the road were walking or running with their backs turned away from the traffic.
This compares with 5.9 per cent of casualties who were directly facing oncoming cars.

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*AA Report

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