Dr. Oz Praises the Many Benefits of Matcha Tea

28 Jan

Five Benefits of Matcha Tea Revealed During the Dr. Oz Show

During a part of his show on January 14th in 2014, Dr. Oz praised the many health benefits that Matcha tea offers to its consumers. The tea has been extremely popular in eastern Asia for almost a thousand years. In Japan, Matcha is the favorite traditional beverage and is often used in baking as well. It is only recently that any attention was given to Matcha in western countries. The ever growing health food market is always in search for a new, natural product that has scientifically proven health benefits. Matcha promises to be that next popular health drink.

Dr. Oz first addressed Matcha’s energy boosting properties. Matcha contains caffeine and the amino acid l-theanine. Together they offer a strong boost of energy, while also keeping the consumer calm and focused. Matcha is a healthy alternative to coffee and black tea. After all, it contains only a third of the caffeine found in a cup of regular coffee, while offering plenty of healthy nutrients. Matcha allows the consumer to have increased energy, without the restlessness that comes from coffee consumption. The energy that comes from Matcha consumption offers calmness and superior focus, making for a much better alternative to the traditional morning coffee.

The polyphenols in Matcha are three times more plentiful than in regular green tea. Dr. Oz advised that drinking Matcha would be especially healthy for the protection of the cardiovascular system, since polyphenols are known to have such an effect. Polyphenols also boost the immune system, helping stave off infections from the body.

What Dr. Oz was most excited to relay to his viewers was that Matcha can help people lose weight naturally and without the side effects of dangerous diet pills. Matcha works as a fat blocker, hindering the body from absorbing all the fat from the food consumed. This way the imbiber absorbs less calories from fatty food than one naturally would.

According to Dr. Oz, drinking a cup of Matcha tea can help prevent heart disease, boost the immune system, block fat absorption, increase calmness and give the consumer more energy. Consuming a cup of Matcha tea a day promises to increase quality of life in the short and long term substantially.

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