Seasonal Varieties of Matcha Widely Sought After in the West

28 Jan

The Rarity of Seasonal Matcha Makes it Popular among Tea Connoisseurs

There are many varieties of Matcha that are only available during specific seasons. It is considered difficult to get one’s hands on such a product in the west, unless it is ordered through the internet at a price that reflects the products quality and rarity.

To produce Matcha tea, the leaves of the green tea tree of the Gyokuro variety are first left to grow in the shade and afterwards picked and dried. The leaves are then deveined and ground into a fine powder. This powder is called Matcha, but depending on when it has been harvested and how it is treated after production, some varieties of Matcha are only seasonal and very rare.

One of the most sought after Matcha varieties is Shincha Matcha. This is the very first Matcha that is ground after a harvest. This Matcha is packaged fresh and immediately sent to be sold. The difference between this fresh Matcha and the rest is that Shincha Matcha never goes into cold storage and thus retains a certain flavor ordinary Matcha does not have. Shincha Matcha can be extremely expensive, but according to tea connoisseurs it is worth the wait and money it takes to get this tea. One can only get real Shincha Matcha between April and July.

Kiyotaki Reiyou Matcha is a special, rare variety that is only available during the summer. This Matcha is ideal to be used in a cold mixture, which makes it pleasant to drink during the hot summer months.

In the fall the widely sought after Tsubokiri Matcha becomes available, which is the Matcha from the first boxes opened that contain the May harvest.

During the New Year festivities, the Japanese consume the famous Obukucha Matcha, which one can only buy during December and January.

Japanese tea experts point out that seasonal Matcha varieties all have their own unique character and offer a different kind of sensation. According to recent surveys, more and more tea lovers in the west order these special rare Matcha varieties online and many of the report that they wished seasonal Matcha was easier to come by. Experts agree that there is a large market for rare tea varieties like seasonal Matcha in the west.
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