United States of America, 11/05/2013:A mini-facelift can be considered as the limited version of standard facelift. It is targeted towards specific areas of concern like early jowling, extra facial skin or even neck relaxation. The procedures are best suited for people who have problems in one small area. The Fort Lauderdale mini-lift procedures performed at Dr. Sawisch’s facility not only leads towards optimal cosmetic results but ensures that patients are thoroughly satisfied with the results. Dr. Sawisch is a certified maxillofacial surgeon and has undergone extensive training in cosmetic and facial surgery. The on-site facility of Dr. Sawisch ensures that patients undergo their treatments within a soothing and relaxing environment which further elevates their cosmetic experience.

Patients nowadays feel overwhelmed with the wide array of options available to them when it comes to improving the facial appearance. The best part about mini-lifts is that it has less downtime and more limited incisions. Dr. Sawisch ensures that the selection of procedure or mixing of procedures addresses the concern of the patient by employing personalized approach for every patient. The mini-facelift procedure is performed at the onsite surgery centre of Dr. Sawisch under his expert guidance. It takes around two and a half hours for the completion of the procedure and IV anaesthesia is offered to the patients. Patients are required to wear the pressure dressing for at least forty eight hours which needs to be followed by facial garment for one week. Patients can return to work within ten to fourteen days but it is always advised to patients that they avoid strenuous activities for two to three weeks or even more.

After the completion of the mini-lift procedure, patients can experience bruising for one to two weeks. However Dr Sawisch recommends Arnica tablets to speed healing the healing process and reduce bruising. Patients are also advised to limit their exposure to sun and make use of sunscreen while going out during day time. Dr. Sawisch is totally dedicated towards providing his customers with elevated cosmetic results designed specifically to meet their concerns and requirements. On top of the mini-lift procedure several other procedures are also performed at his facility. Unlike, standard facelift costs associated with mini-facelift are considerably less and customers can get in touch with the professionals at Dr. Sawisch’s facility to know more in detail.

About Dr. Todd Sawisch:

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Dr. Sawisch is a highly reputed and experienced maxillofacial surgeon dedicated towards offering his patients with best-in-class cosmetic results. His clinic is located in Fort Lauderdale which is equipped with advanced equipments and facilities to make sure that patients get all the comfort and full value for the money they invest in cosmetic procedures.