United States of America, 11/05/2013: With aging, changes start to take place in the appearance of a person. Cheeks start making their vertical descent along with the other facial features. The lower lids as well as the eyebrows start to sag and neck muscle as well as the skin also loosens. Dr. Sawisch’s Fort Lauderdale mid-facelift not only addresses the concern but ensures that patients get back their youthful look in no time at all. The mid-facelift focuses mainly on the triangular area between the corners of the eyes along with the corner of mouth. The procedures performed at Dr. Sawisch’s facility isolates fat pads from the cheeks and reposition the fat pads for a more youthful appearance. The completion of the entire procedure takes about one to two hours.

Unlike, an entire facelift, the mid-facelift aims towards fixing saggy cheeks along with creases forming between upper lip and cheeks. This procedure is not only suitable for first timers but also for people who have undergone traditional facelifts in past years. The whole procedure is performed by Dr. Sawisch along with his expert support team to make sure that everything goes just fine. The surgeons at the facility are highly experienced with vast knowledge in the area. The use of advanced equipments and surgical techniques will definitely eliminate any chances of a pulled or tight appearance. Apart from looking good, patients will also observe improved hollowness or bagginess of lower eyelids, elimination of creases and deep lines in nasolabial fold and rejuvenation of the cheek contours. Unlike, traditional facelift, mid-facelifts require less amount of incisions and chances of side-effects are almost none.

The mid-facelift procedures carried out at Dr. Sawisch’s facility in Fort Lauderdale offers patients with a perfect atmosphere and world class support. After the performance of the procedure patients experience an increase in self-esteem as their looks undergo a huge change. People with significantly hanging or lax skin find the mid-facelift a better option than full facelift. Moreover, Dr. Sawisch is always there to offer the best results to his patients. Dr. Sawisch offers various other procedures at his world class facilities for the patients through which they can get back their lost youthful look. Dr. Sawisch has extensive training in the field of cosmetic and facial surgery. He is also the publisher and author of various articles concerning cosmetic surgery.

About Dr. Todd Sawisch:

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Dr. Sawisch is a certified maxillofacial surgeon and has years of experience in cosmetic surgery. His onsite facility in Fort Lauderdale offers patients with different solutions so that they can get back their fresh youthful look and feel rejuvenated.