Durable Stainless Steel Splashbacks In Melbourne By George Archer Metals

19 Jan

Melbourne, Australia - It's no secret that everyone has their own individual styles and tastes. This is most noticeable by the decor in their homes. Take the kitchen, for example. One can select from a range of chic and trendy styles. They can also opt for others such as retro or rustic.

In the case of contemporary kitchens, it's crucial to have modern appliances and fittings. The cooking area where one's oven and grill gets installed is a focal point in any kitchen. For modern kitchen designs, it makes sense to have a stainless steel splashback.

What is a splashback?

When one does the cooking and uses the hob, it's highly likely the area will soon have food stains. Think of a bubbling pan of pasta sauce, for example. At high temperatures, the pasta can end up splattering the wall by the hob.

The purpose of a splashback is to protect the wall from food stains during cooking. In some homes, people would have tiled or even just plain walls. These days, the preferred option is to have a stainless steel splashback. George Archer Metals is Melbourne's leading supplier of stainless steel splashbacks. Find out more by visiting their website at archermetals.com.au.

Why have a stainless steel splashback?

The problem with tiles and plain walls is that it can be time-consuming to clean food stains. Especially if those stains get left there for a while.

One of the major selling points of stainless steel splashbacks is they are easy to clean! It doesn't matter whether food gets "splashed" onto it or has been on there for a while.

The beauty of stainless steel is that food stains can get wiped away with ease.
Stainless steel splashbacks get used by restaurant kitchens because they are easy to clean. Nowadays, they are a popular fitment for kitchens in residential properties.
Improved hygiene

It's important that kitchens get kept clean. That's because the food preparation process can sometimes be the cause of illnesses. Especially if meat and poultry get prepared in the cooking areas. Stainless steel splashbacks help homeowners to improve hygiene in their kitchens.


Another key benefit of stainless steel splashbacks is they are long-lasting! Tiles can often fade or get chipped by accident. Painted walls need refreshing every so often, especially in the kitchen. But stainless steel splashbacks will last for a long time! What's more; they won't lose their shine or strength.

About George Archer Metals

Founded back in 1970, the firm is a recognised and leading supplier of stainless steel. George Archer Metals have extensive industry knowledge and experience and is Melbourne's preferred provider.

They have an extensive client base that includes homeowners, restaurants, bars and tradesmen. Their stainless steel splashbacks are durable, stylish and fit well in any kitchen!
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