St. Nutley, New Jersey; 15/13/2013: Most people tend to take pest control for granted and it is only when they require the service, they think of pest control. However, pest control is extremely important for health as pests can bring in a lot of diseases which can cause epidemics. The Alfred Animal & Pest Control company based in New Jersey specializes in pest control and even offers its customers with 1 to 5 year written guarantee for its animal and insect treatments. This Pest Control NJ Company is well capable of handling all sorts of general pest control requirements with ease and efficiency. They can carry out extensive exterior and interior spraying for controlling insect pests and eradicates the chances of any diseases getting transmitted to the occupants of the house. With their years of experience in this field, they promise to offer effective services at affordable costs to homeowners.

Racoons are quite popular in the United States and they have the reputation of wreaking havoc at homes mostly during the night. These small creatures generally tend to occupy decks, chimneys and attics of houses and are known to carry numerous diseases and parasites. People often find it hard to stop them from menacing their house and outdoor area as they are hard to track. Pest Control NJ ensures that these animals are treated in a humane way by using their live humane capture techniques. The company is totally committed towards protecting the wildlife and makes use of the most effective techniques to get rid of these creatures in a humane way. Talking about pests, bed bugs which are a common concern among majority of households, the company cleans them all. These small oval brown insects are generally found in the seams of mattresses as well as crevices and cracks of the house. They suck on the blood of the host which creates itchy sensations. Alfred Animal & Pest Control uses the most advanced techniques to get rid of these troublesome insects and ensures that they do not return to the house.

Wasps are quite common in different parts of the United States and their hives can often be found on nearby trees to the house or even at different places within the house. These creatures are quite aggressive and can sting even when they are unprovoked. Their stings are extremely painful and people with allergies can face dangerous consequences. However, with the services of Pest Control NJ homeowners can easily get rid of these insects without the need to worry about anything. Other services are also offered by the company which includes squirrel removal, bat removal, rat removal, mice removal and snake removal.

About Alfred Animal & Pest Control


Alfred Animal & Pest Control has been operating since the year 1989 and primarily specializes in nuisance wildlife control, general pest control and humane live animal capture. They make use of the most advanced techniques for the elimination of pest problems.