EasyClickCam is proud to highlight their dental Intraoral Camera, which is an ideal opportunity for any dentist’s practice. This intraoral camera works well with all digital imaging applications available, either via Windows video or from the EasyClickCam Twain module. With a unique and advanced integration with Eaglesoft, Schick CDR, Dentrix Imaging 5.X, Dexis 8.0 and 9.0, Easy Dental and others, you will be able to save a lot of valuable time with this innovative camera. Installation is fast, as it only takes 30 seconds.

Using this intraoral camera, you will be able to experience image freezing and capture capabilities with a simple click of a button. There is no longer a need for a foot pedal that it gets in the way, and the capture button will automatically launch the imaging application you need for your patient, saving you a lot of time. With a magnetic holder, your camera will always be automatically shut off when your camera is holstered.

With its power saving mode, your camera will automatically shut itself off after 10 minutes if it is not in use. All of the integration software for your cameras is designed and maintained in the USA, and provides you the best image quality available on the market today. Every intraoral camera that you purchase from EasyClickCam is guaranteed for 30 days, because they are so sure that you will love it.

All of these intraoral cameras are available at affordable prices, but provide an extraordinary image quality. The EasyClickCam intraoral camera uses proprietary software that has been specifically designed and maintained in the US, and seamlessly integrates with Schick CDR, Dentrix cameras, Eaglesoft cameras, Dexis cameras AbelDent, Easy Dental and many others. As an example, using your Dentrix camera with Dentrix imaging from your patient’s chart, you will be able to use the snapshot/multifunction button to open each imaging application, display video imagery and take snapshots.

You can do all of this without using a mouse, saving you a lot of time and money. These cameras work with every other type of digital imaging software via Direct X Video or Twain, and software updates are continually released to ensure that your intraoral camera functions at its peak. These updates will provide your actions used by your snapshot button to be fully enhanced, and every EasyClickCam that you purchase comes with free professional installation and technical support, a 30 day money back guarantee, one year warranty, one Intraoral Camera and peace, one USB 2.0 cable, 50 sheaths, integration software and installation guide.

Every camera comes with the software license for two computers, allowing installation on two PCs and one mobile camera. Each camera also comes with the latest generation of CMOS sensors, fast processing, six LEDs for illumination, automatic shutoff and works seamlessly with Microsoft Windows XP and other Windows versions, including 32 and 64-bit without the need for special drivers. With maintenance and designing of software being in California, you can continually do more in your office in less time, by using an EasyClickCam versus the competition. To learn more, check out our website at www.easyclickcam.com today.