The Orchid Program is pleased to announce that it is offering comprehensive Male Eating Disorder Treatment options to those in need. These programs are tailored to meet individual needs and include a variety of male eating disorder treatment solutions and options.

When people think of eating disorders, they often think it an issue that women must tend with. Not true. There are many males who also suffer from a variety of eating disorders, some of which can be very dangerous to the person’s overall health. Finding effective male eating disorder treatment options that actually work is one of the missions of The Orchid Program.

The Orchid Program helps males with eating disorders through a variety of treatments. These include the Comprehensive out-patient treatment sessions that have been shown to be very effective. The Orchid Program also offers its clients access to individual psychotherapy including nutritional counseling, psychiatric services, and group therapy.

The program is operated by highly trained and skilled professionals who are experienced in eating disorder treatment solutions. Clients will receive extensive treatment options that include psychiatric and medical assessments, medication management if needed, weekly psychiatric appointments, twice weekly individual therapy with a doctorial or master’s level therapist, supervised meal support, addressing family support issues, supervised exercise, access to yoga and meditation groups, and group therapies of various types which are selected in collaboration with the individual’s therapist.

Another male eating disorder treatment that is available is the program’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program. This male eating disorder treatment program is designed for men who work or attend school. It is also designed for those who may not need the high level of care that is offered in the Comprehensive program. Men who participate in the Intensive program work with an experienced team of professionals who are highly skilled in the area of male eating disorders. Some of the services offered include: complete psychiatric and medical assessment, medication management if required, weekly psychiatric appointments, twice weekly individual therapy (doctoral or master’s level therapist), weekly individual nutritional counseling, nutritional group therapy, supervised meal support, frequent check-in’s with care specialists, and treatment team review to discuss progress and plan adjustments to name just a few of the services available.

To learn more about how The Orchid Program can assist those in need of eating disorder treatments, visit their site. Complete information is available for both Male Eating Disorder Treatment options as well as information for females who may be in need of eating disorder treatment options. The site also contains valuable and useful information on the various types of eating disorders that people experience, including information on anorexia, binge eating, and bulimia.

With assistance from this Florida based facility, those in need of help do not have to go it alone. Why not look into the many ways that The Orchid Program can help you reach your goals and live a longer, happier life? Visitors are also encouraged to take advantage of the free book download that is available at the site entitled, “Dying to Be Skinny”.