Ed Hardy designs are some of the newest designs on the scene today. Don Ed Hardy started out as a tattoo artist. With his degree in printmaking, he began to create elaborate designs for tattoos. His tattoo art began to turn into simple art, as he realized that his designs could be sold as pieces of art instead of simple tattoos. In 2002, Don Ed Hardy was approached with a great opportunity. A company who liked his art wanted to take his artwork and his designs and turn it into a clothing brand. Ed Hardy designs stemmed from Don Ed Hardy's work. While the Ed Hardy brand covers many different aspects of fashion, Ed Hardy Belts are quickly gaining popularity.

Ed Hardy's design style is interesting and new. Don Ed Hardy's tattoo art was inspired by Japanese tattoo art. This style was something new to the American scene, and became even more groundbreaking when it was transferred to the fashion industry. Ed Hardy design is edgy, and features a style that many would attribute to a rock style. The designs are unexpected and bold; this style has created a lasting impact on the market.

The style of Ed Hardy belts can easily be described as edgy and rock. The belts often feature multiple colors and textures. While some of the belts while have gold and silver, others will be stark and dark in color. These belts are incredibly loud and call attention if worn in a way that makes them visible. The edginess of the belts continues in the color choices; there are many Ed Hardy belts that feature loud and vibrant colors. Some belts feature bright colors as accents, while others feature belts that are bright and bold. The styles also feature varying types of belt buckles; some are more muted, while other buckles are large and bold, just as the design of the brand.

Ed Hardy belts can be the perfect accessories for nearly any occasion. While black tie affairs may not be an appropriate event for an Ed Hardy belt, nearly every other occasion is appropriate. Those who are wearing jeans can simply add an Ed Hardy belt to bring their design to life. Those who are wearing dresses can also benefit from Ed Hardy belts. Plain, simple dresses can be brought to life with an Ed Hardy; simply use a belt around the waistline in a tight fashion to create a great look and feel.

Ed Hardy designs have their origin in tattoo art, but have found their niche in the fashion world. The designs are not for those who do not like to stand out in a crowd. Ed Hardy belts are bold and edgy, and are perfect for those who have a style that loves to mix and match classic style with a rocker edge.

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