Be a part of the Realty411 Expo on Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is a grand opportunity of a lifetime for investors interested in the realm of property and real estate. Presenting to you, the Realty 411 Expo at the Radisson Hotel, Culver City, CA, this is one of the best platforms to meet the various investment leaders and some of the top educators in the field of real estate.

This expo will also offer a one-time prospect for the budding investors to delve in some of the lucrative opportunities in real estate. The popular realty magazine Realty411 is going to organize this event and one of the prime faces is that of Linda Pliagas, publisher of the Realty411 Magazine.

This one-day event is bound to add to your wealth as the masters in the game will share their secrets and the best part is if you cannot physically attend the expo then also you can experience the event with video telecast.

Why you should be there?

“¢You can receive special tips about the right techniques of investment from Dave Lindahl, who is also known as the “ËœKing of Apartment Buildings’.
“¢Herrera Sindell Group will update you about the best means to buying pre-foreclosures properties and avoiding any competitor in South California.
“¢You get to learn a lot of important information and details about the opportunities related to investment in Charlotte, NC, St. Louis, Kansas City, Cleveland, Memphis, and Fort Wayne as these are some of the top-ranking cities concerning the issue of cash inflow.
“¢Scott Meyers, the “ËœKing of Self Storage’, gives you some of the smartest tips about prospering in the field of real estate even when you do not have tenants.
“¢The Entrust IRA Services experts will be present to educate you with valuable information about Investing in the field of real estate.
“¢This expo is the ideal venue for you if you are a long distance property owner and is having major management problems with your property.
“¢The educators visiting this expo will also give you required information and insight into the aspect of analyzing any property and The Property Ledger’s Carter Froelich will be there to share his wisdom.
“¢Realty411 is also offering a free magazine for all the guests in this expo. Moreover, the guests also get some free books and DVDs about investments and real estate information.
“¢Learn how to be a VIRTUAL INVESTOR with Investor Nation from Memphis, TN!

Don’tbe upset even if you cannot take a trip to Los Angeles for this Expo as Realty411 will make sure to get this event video taped and circulated to the investors staying out of the town. Thus, all you need to do is order for a ticket and your video tape will be shipped to you in the form of a “Ëœwealth kit’ having the important highlights and discussions of the event. In fact, if you are participating in this event then you can also bring one of your guests, free of cost.

About Realty411 Magazine

Realty411 is the real estate magazine for the investors and by investors. As an investor you would need this to acquire, manage, and expand your real estate portfolio. Get the best and most authentic property-related news through Realty 411 and be a part of the events and symposiums they organize nationwide. For a free copy of the magazine visit

In addition, you can "schmooze" with these SuperStars at a free Networking Event the night of the event.

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