(Submit Articles) Tattoo art is a lifestyle and the creation of the line of clothing by Don Ed Hardy with Christian Audigier offers a wide variety of alternatives for wearable art. With fall being here and winter on the way, adding a few Ed Hardy sweaters for men to your wardrobe will give your casual wardrobe a lift and definitely more style.

The collection of Ed Hardy Sweaters for men includes a wide variety of designs, tattoo art themes and styles. In terms of styles there are cardigans, vests and a collection of beautiful pullovers. One of the most stylish sweaters from the collection of Ed Hardy Sweaters for men is the Ed Hardy Men's Fire V-Neck made from 20% cashmere and 90% wool. The off white sweater is one of the more conservative styles from the collection. There is not front art on the sweater however the back is emblazoned with the high quality tattoo art that is the core brand of this line of clothing. The back of the Fire-V-Neck sweater features the tattoo art of the Flaming Skull with rivets with the Ed Hardy name above it. On the front of the sweater the Ed Hardy signature sits low on the bottom of the left hand side. The right sleeve features the tattoo art of the Flaming Skull with Rivets. The sweater was found at Style Rocket for approximately $196.00.

If you prefer cardigans an excellent choice from the collection of Ed Hardy Sweaters for men is the Top Hat Knit Two Pocket Long Sleeve Cardigan. This is a great sweater to wear with jeans or other casual slacks. The Top Hat tattoo consists of an animal graphic in red tones on the right front side of the black sweater, and dragon tattoo art accenting the left sleeve. The back of the Ed Hardy cardigan sweater for men features tattoo art of a skull in a top hat with red wings and a tail. This sweater is one of excellent artistic design and is available from the Don Ed Hardy web site for approximately $189.00.

If you are the kind of guy that layers clothing occasionally the Two Swords Skull Knit V-neck in black is an excellent choice. Available from the collection of Ed Hardy Sweaters for men, the well designed black vest features the skull in flames in the front dominated by red, with the Ed Hardy signature over the left upper side. The back of the V-neck sweater features the Two Swords Skull art by Ed Hardy in gray. Available $143.00 from the Don Ed Hardy web site the stylish V-neck sweater is a great accent piece to add to your winter wardrobe.

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