Elscomm — Reliable Managed IT Support Solutions For Business

18 Jan

Sydney, Australia - When companies want reliable managed IT support, there's only one choice. Elscomm is the city's premier provider of IT services to businesses in the city. Since 2006, they have grown from strength to strength. Today, they are now considered the leading choice for IT consulting and support services.

The Elscomm difference

In a city where there are scores of IT providers, why choose Elscomm?

The business model that Elscomm embraces is somewhat different from their competitors. They don't just fix problems. They create solutions to help prevent them from happening! As one can imagine, fixing IT issues can often result in lost productivity. That can also mean lost revenue for a business.

Elscomm works with clients to curate resilient IT solutions. The result is two-fold. First of all, the total cost of IT systems management is lower. And, second, there is less risk of downtime.

The company's founder, Rene Els, has a passion for problem-solving. Over the years, he has built up a strong team of like-minded professionals. Their dedication to their work, along with their experience make them the ideal choice. Visit the Elscomm website at http://www.elscomm.com.au/ to learn more about the company's ethos.

Lightning-fast response times

When IT issues do occur, it's crucial they get resolved as a matter of urgency. Elscomm is a firm that prides themselves on their super-quick response times! The company boasts an average response time of 60 minutes or less. Most of their competitors can only offer a 4-6 hour response time.
93% of calls to Elscomm get answered by an experienced IT support technician. That means clients don't have to waste time getting passed around different people. Another benefit of that fact is many issues can get resolved over the phone. The use of remote desktop technology also helps to speed up support call resolutions.

Personal service

Elscomm provides a strong level of continuity with their IT support services. Each client gets assigned a primary point of contact within Elscomm. That means customers don't have to waste time explaining their setups for each call.

It also shows that clients can trust Elscomm to deal with issues in a fast and efficient manner.

Same-day repairs

A unique selling point of Elscomm's service is how they offer same-day repairs. Many of their competitors need to "book in" repair jobs. Elscomm can perform many repairs remotely using the Internet. In fact, 94% of their support calls get resolved in this way!

Today's IT hardware is quite resilient. Most computer issues tend to be software-based. Often, application problems can get fixed in minutes rather than hours or days.

In the case of physical hardware problems, Elscomm can resolve those quickly too. The company has a vast stock of spare parts at their disposal, making repairs quicker and easier.

About Elscomm

Founded back in 2006, Elscomm have fast become Sydney's premier IT support provider. They offer a variety of repair, maintenance and consultancy services. What's more, they also provide a satisfaction guarantee. With a raft of glowing testimonials, Elscomm has a proven track record.

For more information, contact:

Rene Els
PO Box 403

Tel: +61 (0)2 8188 9777

Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.elscomm.com.au