Rentpluz: Providing Landlords An Intuitive Property Management Tool

18 Jan

Canberra, Australia - There's no denying that landlords need all the help they can get. It doesn't matter whether they own one property or have a large portfolio. Managing those places and dealing with tenants can sometimes be a full-time job! When a landlord rents out a property, there are a lot of responsibilities to tackle.

Aside from making sure everything is in working order, they have to keep track of rental payments. They must also arrange periodic inspections of their properties and make notes of problems. As one can appreciate, it can be both a demanding and time-consuming role.

One thing that many landlords do is pay for an estate agency to handle their rental properties. Of course, the downside to that approach is the sometimes high management fees.

And then there could be times where disputes may arise because of poor management. If a landlord is unlucky enough to end up with such an agency, it could soon become a stressful experience.

There is a better solution to that problem, and that is to go down the DIY management route. Not only is it cheaper from a landlord's point of view, it means things get done quicker.

Some people may assume that the DIY approach to rental property management is hard. That may have been the case in the past but not today - thanks to Rentpluz!

What is Rentpluz?

In a nutshell, Rentpluz is the best-performing DIY property management tool in existence! Landlords love using Rentpluz because it is simple to use, powerful and saves them a tonne of money!

It's a cloud-based software application - that means one can access it from anywhere. It doesn't matter if a landlord is in Australia or some other part of the world. As long as they have an Internet-connected device and a Web browser, they can use Rentpluz.

The software features an intuitive 'dashboard' with a well laid-out user interface. Even if a landlord has had no prior training in Rentpluz, they'll still find it easy to grasp. The concept has proven to be a boon for landlords across Australia, and it's easy to see why.

Once logged into the software, landlords can see at a glance their gross and net rental yields. It's also possible to record inspection appointments and details too. For property inspections, owners can also take advantage of the Rentpluz Property Inspector app. It allows them to make notes and take photos during each inspection.

Rentpluz is for tenants too

The software helps landlords better connect with their tenants. When an inspection is due, for instance, Rentpluz will notify the tenants.

It offers a useful tenant portal that boasts features such as:

●    The ability to view their own financial ledger;
●    Rental payment reminders;
●    Reminds for property inspections.

About Rentpluz

Landlords can now find it easier than ever to manage their rental properties. Thanks to Rentpluz, they can visualise data and keep up-to-date with property management. The cloud-based software is also available as a portal for tenants. And there's a mobile app that landlords can use during property inspections.

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