Put simply, a widget is a standalone application which is often embedded in third party sites. A web widget is a portable chunk of code installed and executed in a web page by the end user. It does not require any additional compilation and often provides information in a concise manner. Common widgets come in the form of tickers, clocks, boxes, and similar formats. With the help of a social web widget generator, almost anyone can generate a social web widget to link their social presence on the web.

End users use widgets to enhance their personal experiences of the web or to attract visitors to their sites. Working in a manner similar to that of an iPhone, widgets add stand alone applications to blogs, profiles, and community pages. Individuals often use widgets to link their personal blogs, photographs, websites, presence on social networking sites, and all other similar entries on the Internet.

With the growing popularity of the Internet, many social networking sites have cropped up with people maintain multiple profiles as well as same profiles on several sites. A social web widget generator will generate widgets particularly with respect to these individuals.

What are the advantages provided by widget generator for the social web? Let us say an individual is a techie who maintains accounts with several social networking sites such as Orkut, LinkedIn, Twitter, and MySpace. He posts certain pictures on his Orkut profile but would like all his contacts on the web too view these. Or he posts an entry in his blog spot which he intends to share with all his contacts. He need not invite hundreds of contacts separately. With the help of a social web widget, he embeds all the links on each and every account.

What is even more interesting, he can choose the color, design, and appearance of this widget, that is, he can completely control what everything is displayed for the visitors. This individual need not be a software professional to do all this! He only needs to generate a personalized widget through a social web widget generator. Many prominent sites generate widgets with links to poplar networks and blogs, including Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, YouTube, Flickr, Linkedin, Bebo, AIM, Classmates, Digg, Flixter, fotolog, Fubar, Goodreads, Hi5, LinkedIn, Livespaces, Photobuckets, Orkut, and website links to the personal web pages of the individual.

Widgets can be generated for numerous web addresses. The more advanced social web widget generator will also provide a Color picker to make the widgets more attractive. Widgets are used to leverage online presences of the user, such as blogs, websites, and social networking accounts. For the same person, the widget gives several links. While one may lead to a personal blog sharing the blogger’s thoughts, another may be for professional reasons, offering special discount coupons for a product, and still another may lead to personal photographs.

Widgets are also an important viral marketing tool. Popular designs of widgets are also given away free by companies to increase awareness about their products. In such cases, too, a social web widget generator is used to embed marketing messages in the designed widgets.

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