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Art2Arts enjoys the fruits of its rigorous screening process

London, United Kingdom, November 4th, 2010 ““ The art world has changed beyond recognition in the last few years, with original canvas art by painters that would previously have been unheard of occupying the top spot in buyer’s popularity ratings. UK based supplier of original online art, Art2Arts (http://www.art2arts.co.uk) has cemented its reputation as one of the foremost suppliers of quality original canvas paintings thanks to its rigorous screening process, which give a seal of quality to the artists in its stable.

The practice has worked exceedingly well, allowing Art2Arts to develop a hugely democratic selection of artists whose work all comes up to professional gallery standards. In the past, the number of artists “validated“ by the gallery process was necessarily limited by the actual amount of gallery space available for display: on the Internet, there are no space limitations, and so gallery professionals are able to place their seal of approval on a much higher quantity of canvas art work.

The results are spectacular ““ a balance between the rigorous institutional quality testing of the galleries and the freedom of online advertisement. Customers on the Art2Arts site can choose from hundreds of hand painted originals in a number of styles, sizes and colours ““ allowing them to choose exactly what they like, and even to commission paintings according to personal preferences for subject, type or the colours of the room in which they wish the painting to hang.

The value of original canvas art, both fiscal and emotional, is undisputed: having access to it in such a free and easy way means that a much larger proportion of the population can add some truly individual elements to the decoration of their home. With iron clad money back guarantees and an exhaustive process of authentication and protection, the service offered by Art2Arts has revolutionised the art sales business for good.

About Art2Arts
Art2Arts is a UK based retailer of original canvas art. They offer a wide variety consisting of landscape, cityscape, wildlife, abstract and contemporary art. No reproductions are displayed or sold.

Company name: Art2Arts
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