(Submit Articles) Want to tune up your folder printing a bit for that big presentation? Do you want presentation folders that have that “edge“ in getting the audience excited and engaged? If you do, then I have the perfect enhancement tips for you to improve your folder printing and design for presentations. I am going to give you five very simple techniques that should improve the overall look of your presentation folders and make them as ideal as they can be for your report.

1. Advanced digital designs ““ Beyond just adding great images on your color folders, one common enhancement technique you should apply to your custom presentation folders are advanced digital designs. This is done by using a fully featured digital publishing application with all the appropriate effects to create a fine tuned presentation folder layout. Some examples of software like those include, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher and Corel Draw. All these applications can help you develop precisely what you envision for your color folders, giving you the most detailed, vivid and enhanced version of your custom folders.

2. Use the most appropriate folder structures ““ Another way to enhance your color folders is to use the best folder structures. Folders of course are not just plain hard paper folded unto itself. They can have pockets, sleeves, slits and even extra folds. To make your presentation folders more useful, organized and easy to use, you should try to fit your choice of folder structures with your content.

For example, you should use folders with pockets if you have lots and lots of paper documents to store in them. If a business card or some other larger card needs to be in the folder as well, you might want to add some appropriately sized slits so that the card can be seen easily inside the folder while still be secured in its position. There are many more appropriate strategies here, but as long as you use the right structure for the right material, you will have better presentation folders that people will find great to open and read.

3. Beyond a two dimensional cover ““ You can also take the design of your folders a little bit further by going beyond a two dimensional cover. Certain folder printing companies can add in more layers and even embossed elements to your custom folders to add more interesting design elements into them. Your cover design can have almost three dimensional symbols and embossed lettering easily, giving that very memorable touch to your custom folders if you want.

4. Exploring other kinds of inks ““ Another great enhancement idea for folder designs is the use of other kinds of special inks. Besides the black inks and the full color inks used normally for custom folder printing, you can actually try to use glossy or metallic inks to add that sheen to your design elements. Want a silver or gold laced title or symbol? Thos special inks can do it for you. You just need to ask your folder printer what kind of other inks are available from them and try to see what looks best for your design elements.

5. Exploring other kinds of paper materials ““ It is also possible to enhance your folder printing by exploring other kinds of paper materials. You might go for the special glossy paper folder, or you can even try out plastic coated paper or even special textured materials. This will add an enhanced look to your folder cover designs, hopefully getting you the precise effect you need to make your folder printing look great.

So those are the enhancement tips that you should try out for folder printing. Why don’tyou try them out today?

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