Enjoy Outdoor Trips Accompanied By Airwheel E6 Mini Smart Electric Bike

19 Sep

19, September 2016: Even the heat can’t prevent people from having vacations. The summer vacation for school kids is coming to an end. It is not late for parents to take them on a self-driving trip. This time, they should take an Airwheel e bike E6 and the journey will be more pleasant.

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Children’s summer vacation is coming to an end. But it is not too late for the family to go on a self-driving trip for relaxation. Airwheel e bike E6, with its portability and intelligence is highly recommended to be taken on the journey. The foldable electric bike, with smaller size and lighter weight can be easily stored and lifted. Thus, it serves as a reliable companion on the trip.


The featured product for Airwheel this year is the electric bike. E6 has a simplified structure and is painted with cool colors. The vehicle is extremely foldable and hence has enjoyed high popularity among urban dwellers. E6 is a perfect combination of materials and structure. The most significant feature of the Smart E Bike is its portability. It has a multi-folding system and weighs only 14.15kg. With a one key to fold function, it can be easily put into car trunks and will occupy very little space.


When family members go on a self-driving trip, they often feel the absence of commuting vehicles. There is only one car and everyone needs to get around. Now, Airwheel e bike can take the spotlight. The battery generates sufficient power and stable driving force. Anyone who can ride a bike can operate the vehicle. When the kids want to ride the vehicle to get some fresh air, parents can rest assured since they can locate the vehicle on their phone. There is a customized app for E6 and the app provides services like real-time positioning and alarm system. The vehicle, with ergonomic saddle design guarantees a comfortable riding experience. The external modular design enables more functions for the vehicle. When families go on camping, the battery of E6 may function as a portable power source to charge electronic devices, like smart phones and lamps.


Does the versatile product ignite the craving for outdoor activities? Airwheel folding electric bike E6 will accompany its owners to enjoy the most pleasant journey.

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