Portability Is Trend In The Future, Represented By Z5, E3

19 Sep

19, September 2016:Airwheel has forecasted the future trend of intelligent vehicles. In this year, it has unveiled several smart scooters which features portability. These types of vehicles exhibit amazing foldability and are fit for urban traffic.

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The hottest hashtag in the electric transportation vehicle industry may be intelligence. In fact, intelligence has been emphasized in all industry. To upgrade the competitive capacity, Airwheel has been creating intelligent vehicles since its founding. Meanwhile, the intelligent vehicles also exhibit amazing foldability to tap into the increasing needs of urban commuting. Airwheel electric scooter Z5, Smart E Bike E3 and folding electric bike E6 are all flagship models which possess portable features.


What are the factors that contribute to the portability of Airwheel intelligent scooters? Firstly, the special designs. Z5, E3 and E6 have special shape designs. Airwheel foldable e bike E6 is designed with a patented X-shape and E3 seems like a connection of circles. These designs enable the vehicles to withstand heavy weight with least materials. Secondly, the materials chosen. The main scooter body has been made of light aluminum alloy materials. All the three types of vehicles have adopted tires with smaller size. But this doesn’t limit traffic ability or security functions. The multi-folding systems also help to enable the portability. For the standing up electric scooter Z5, the controlling shaft and the pedals are foldable. For E6, the saddle, the pedals, handle bars and the main body can all be folded. E3, when fully folded is even able to fit into a backpack. These incredible features combined make these Airwheel products delicate and agile on the road.


Why will portability become a future trend? Just look around the congested urban environment. Cars and motors are often get stuck during rush hours. But smaller vehicles like Airwheel intelligent e bike E3 and E6, running on non-motorized vehicle lanes can gain smoother riding experience.


The fast pace of work has made every minute count for the white-collars. The combination of portable e bikes and public transportation facility, like metro is highly efficient. Riding the electric vehicles to cover the several kilometers and carrying them onto metro can get people to places where cars can’t even reach. Airwheel portable devices will make a great difference in future commuting.

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