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For those people looking for ethical gifts and fashion items that are a little bit different one online supplier is offering a range of ethical gifts that demonstrate clearly what can be achieved through Fair Trade.

Glasgow, United Kingdom, July 22nd 2010 - When it comes to giving a gift more of us today want that gift to be special, rather than identical to thousands of other products on the shelves. We're also looking for more gifts which are based on fair trade principles, so that the ethical gifts themselves provide a gift for a disadvantage community elsewhere at the same time as being a thoughtful gift for someone we know. SaffronWinds, a name associated with 100% recycled fashion, accessories and ethical gifts, is just the place to look into.

When it comes to finding suitable ethical gifts the range can sometimes be limited, and it isn't always easy to find just the right products. However, this online supplier, namely SaffronWinds, has been trading for several years and understands what people are looking for. For years now they have been sourcing a wide range of ethical gifts that are proving extremely popular, and highly fashionable.

SaffronWinds was set up to serve two purposes. Its primary purpose was to supply a wide range of high quality, original and beautiful ethical gifts for those looking for something a little different either for themselves or someone they know. In addition, SaffronWinds adheres to a strict Fair Trade code, with products being sourced from artisans in some of the more disadvantaged areas of Asia, with 95% of all their ethical gifts coming from Cambodia.

From beautiful silk scarves to jewellery, and from handbags to jewellery rolls, SaffronWind's range of ethical gifts demonstrates clearly that when skilled craftsmanship is combined with natural or recycled materials an astonishing range of unique products can be produced. Using materials such as silk, recycled rice bags and even fish nets, the range of ethical gifts from Saffron Winds is certain to offer inspiration to anyone looking for something special this summer.

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About Saffron Winds
Saffron Winds is an online supplier dealing in ethical gifts, recycled gifts and fashion items, with a strict Fair Trade policy which supports disadvantaged communities across Asia.

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