Experts Reveal Not All Nail Salons Are Safe And Ideal For Foot-Pampering

22 Sep

Wilmington, DE — September 22, 2016 — Today, more and more people are going to foot spas and nail salons to have their nails done and their calluses removed. While these establishments have been known to be beneficial, there are some things that patrons need to be wary about in getting these services.

Experts reveal not all nail salons are safe and ideal for foot pampering experience. Nail technicians are generally expected to have the knowledge and experience needed to take care of the feet. However, there are establishments that offer unsafe foot care services.

According to the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, patrons should be warned about the health risks of not choosing the right nail salons. Patrons should be warned about the use of tools that are not sanitized.

Tools that are not disinfected can cause infection, which can spread from one customer to another. The warning released by the Board serves as a reminder to individuals who are pursuing a nail technology license.

It provides details about the consequences of disobeying the rules or laws. It also aims at making businesses and clients understand how unsanitary practices can harm them.

It is the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology that suprevises and enforces the state laws governing the nail industry. One of their major goals is to ensure that the safety and health of customers are maintained.

The Board also implements the licensing procedure to make sure that those who are pursuing for the nail technology licenses undergo the right training. They also set and enforce standards that nail salons should follow as well as perform infections and levy fines.

In the warning from the State Board’s newsletter, it recommends that nail salon patrons should make an effort to see if the tools used are sanitized or dirty. Dirty tools are those that have been used from one person to another repeatedly without being sanitized.

As mentioned above, dirty tools can cause the spread of serious bacterial and fungal infections. Examples of these tools are metal nail clippers and metal cuticle pushers.

There are EPA-registered disinfectants that nail salons can use to sanitize their tools. These disinfectants are extremely useful, especially in dealing with pedicure baths and other salon materials that are difficult to effectively sterilize.

Nail salons and foot spas are also ideal destinations for individuals who want to have their calluses removed. However, there are safer options they can turn to such as the use of an electric callus remover.

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