Magnetic therapy is the practice of using magnets to cure a human body. Magnets, of the permanent type, can be used to create magnetic fields, and revitalize the cells of a human body. This happens due to increased circulation of blood and enhanced flow of oxygen in the cells as they respond to the magnetic fields. To experience the benefits of magnetic therapy, a wide variety of magnetic products are now available in the market. Let us explore these products in detail.

Magnetic Belt
It consists of a number of magnets sewn together to form a belt, which can be used to treat chronic or acute backache. A magnetic belt can also be used to cure spondylitis, and muscle pain.

Magnetic Bracelets
A type of magnetic jewelry, bracelets use materials like steel or copper. They are effective in the treatment of osteo-arthritis, tendonitis, joint pain, and muscle strains. Other forms of magnetic jewelry like bangles and necklaces are also available to cure headache and shoulder pain.

Magnetic Pillows
These are just like normal pillows. The only difference being the application of magnets to cure the body of ailments like spondylitis, neck pain, insomnia, epilepsy, and migraine.

Body Wraps
These magnetic wraps can either be firm or flexible. The firm body wraps are used to provide support to ankles, elbows, knees, or shoulders. They are effective in the treatment of persistent joint pain and tennis elbow. The flexible body wraps allow you to carry on with work-related activities, while providing efficient support to the lower back area, knees, ankles, or shoulders. They are mostly used by sportsmen to avoid muscle strain and to relieve joint pain.

Therapy Magnets
These include a range of products, usually in the form of a massager or pads that finds application in acupuncture and other forms of healing.

Magnetic Water
Essentially a form of water, it involves use of magnet as an effective water-softening agent. Magnetic water is found to be extremely useful in the cure of:
* decaying tooth
* wounds and fractured limbs
* blocked arteries
* fever
* throat disorders
* urinary infections

Magnetic Beds
You can lie on such a bed, and let the magnetic therapy balance the flow of oxygen and blood in your body. You can use magnetic beds to get rid of body pain. They are available in the form of overlays and are highly beneficial in the treatment of various forms of insomnia.

Magnetic Products ““ Precautions to Consider
These various products work on the electrical system of a human body. Consequently, people who have had a pacemaker or defibrillator implanted in their body should consult a doctor before using such products. You would do well to adhere to other precautions, which are as follows:
* Do not use a magnetic bed for more than 8 hours.
* Do not use magnets on a part of your body, where there has been some kind of internal or external bleeding.
* Do not use a magnetic belt on your abdomen immediately after eating.
* Do not use such a product during advanced stages of pregnancy.

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