The main causes of tooth decay are excessive consumption of soft drinks, candy, pastries, refined carbohydrates and sugar in all forms. We can reduce tooth decay by reducing above consumptions. Bacteria break down sugar in acids that combine with calcium in the enamel and cause decay or erosion.

Proper brushing of the teeth is vital to prevent tooth decay and consequent toothaches. Brushing in circular motion with good brush ensures that all the dental surfaces are cleaned. Do not use too old brush. Brush the gums lightly to improve blood circulation in the gums.

Tooth decay, destruction of the bone around the teeth and infection of the gums can be prevented with a proper diet. Controlled sugar intake, ensure that your diet includes plenty of raw vegetables, whole wheat bread and fruits.

Natural herbs such as cloves, calendula, tarragon, and yarrow can be used to help relieve the pain. These herbs are very helpful in toothache until you can get to the dentist.

Home Remedies for Toothaches:

“¢ A clove of garlic with a little of rock salt, placed on the affected tooth will reduce the pain. You can also chew a garlic clove daily in the morning.
“¢ Chewing raw onion for approx 3-4 minutes is enough to kill all the germs in the mouth and ensure protection from host of tooth problems.
“¢ Lime is one the great home remedies to prevent tooth decay, dental cavities, loosening of the teeth, toothache and bleeding of the gums.
“¢ The juice of wheat grass is an outstanding mouthwash for dental decay and cures toothache naturally. It draws out all toxins from the gums and checks bacterial growth.
“¢ Asafoetida grounded in lemon juice treats toothache. Heat the mixture of asofoetida and lemon juice, soak a cotton swab and place it in the cavity of the tooth to relieve ache quickly.
“¢ Mixture of bark of bay berry and vinegar applied on the affected area will alleviate the pain and strengthen the gums.
“¢ Clove oil applied to the cavity of the decayed tooth gives relief.
“¢ A pinch of pepper and one quarter tablespoon of common salt prevents dental cavities, foul breath, bleeding gums, painful gums, and toothaches.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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