November 08, 2013: Robert Burton is a famous Actor and Producer who has been a part of the entertainment industry since long. As per the film industry reports, his outlook and his attitude have always been outstanding irrespective of his position and work. His peer group always instigated him to perform skits and entertain them. He always tried bringing excitement and fun in whatsoever he did in order to inspire others and create a healthy environment. He is even good at performing crazy imitations and spot-on monologues. He is a versatile actor who inherited advanced skills due to which he could successfully establish himself as an actor.

Robert’s IMDB Profile affirms that the actor has been the lead voice for various radio and television commercials as well as video games. Robert has produced the famous TV plot named ‘Whoa!’ with Leslie Jordan, Mark Gannt, Taryn Southern, Linda Blair and Dawnn Lewis. It won an award called ‘Best Webisode’ at the Independent Film, Quarterly Film and Webisode Festival 2013 along with the director Tom Blomquist and writer Scott Richter. He has won LA Comedy Awards for the ‘Most Hilarious Voice Over’ which was presented by Jaime Masada. As an actor, he has worked in about 16 TV series including TV films, and has produced 6 TV series including TV movie and video games as well as written for 2 TV series

According to some film critics, he brings about his incredible gift and wit for comedy, his passion and love for the entertainment industry, his wide technology experience and even the unlimited potential as a talent to G5 group. He, along with Chris Gilmore, is the founding member of G5 Entertainment Group.

Robert even shares a good relation with fellow colleagues Tony Stark, Robert Downie and Wink Martindale. He is also hosting the 7th annual Hollywood Fame Awards that would be held this year at the time of 23rd annual Los Angeles Music Awards at Avalon Theatre. Furthermore, the production company has just got their second development deal for creating and shooting a new TV reality show competition which is based on a published book written by an entrepreneur and author David Topus. To grab more info about Robert, one may click on his IMDB profile link .

About Robert Burton

Robert Burton has had a high point this year and has achieved a lot in his successful acting and film industry career. His production of a famous TV show has won him appreciations along with an award. He is hosting an award function this year as well and his production house has got another project to shoot.

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