United States of America; 8/11/2013: Hollywood has always welcomed people from different countries and there have been numerous celebrities from the land of France. One such celebrity who has been a popular actor in his native country is Zack Zublena. He attended a well- known acting school in France before starting his acting career. He hosted quite a few shows in his native country and gained recognition for his role in the French movie “Le Royaume”. After arriving in LA, Zublena sharpened his skills under the guidance of Amy Lindon and Larry Moss. He has been a part of various Russian and German projects as well. 

Recently, this popular French, Russian and German actor in Los Angeles starred with Michael Madsen and Tom Sizemore in the movie “The Banksters: Made Off with America” as a Russian gangster. Zublena presently is a member of SAG and AFTRA. Apart from doing TV shows and movies he has kept himself busy by working as a voice artist as well. He is well versed with Portuguese, French and English languages and can do that in a wide range of accents like German, French and Russian. Zack Zublena’s “Rags- to- Riches” story is something that needs to be shared with since it can be a great learning- source for wannabe actors. He has done over 100 movies and TV shows in his native country. However, you need to have something even bigger when you are trying to push open the doors in Hollywood. And that’s what happened when Zublena went to an audition for a Javier Bermudez film. Before the audition started, Zublena knew that he could not rest on his past laurels. He was prepared to sell himself in every way possible. He told Bermudez that he is in absolute awe with the script and pointed out to him that “the kidnapper” (for which the audition was taking place) needs to be played by someone who could put a person actually inside a car’s trunk. 

The impression he made that day was so powerful that Bermudez was willing to start working with him right that moment. Although new to the industry and only spent a few years in the city of Los Angeles, it certainly seems that he would be a part of several scripts in the coming years. 


Zack Zublena is not only a popular actor today but has written several scripts, novels and comic books. “Maintenance Required” is his first short film that is based on Lilly Rose, his beloved dog. He worked with Zoe Saldana in “NINA” which is based on the life of Nina Simone. Presently he is staying in Los Angeles and is a part of multiple projects scheduled to be launched in the coming years.