Famous Photographer Joey Shaw interviewed by Style magazine

12 Jan

Style magazine just published the exclusive interview with the famous fashion photographer Joey Shaw.
Jennifer Ostuni, art director for the magazine, got a chance to have a few minutes for the interview at the British Airways business lounge in Heathrow, London.

During the interview Joey talks about his memories from the 90s, remembering designers like Gianni Versace and GianFranco Ferré.

He’s also recognizing Cindy Crawford and Elle McPherson like the most complete models ever.
When asked about the cutting budgets from the magazines in the last 15 years because of the budgets, the international acclaimed photographer re-call the time to focus on the quality not on the budgets.

He talks about the digital photography and what came with that, positive and negative.

Joey also reveals his favorite soundtrack, and the preferred place where you can meet him in London and LA when he is off.

Silence about the private life and when asked about his friendships with a lot of celebrities Joey just replies that he considers the celebrities like normal people.

There’s nothing to change in his life and he would change nothing. We could say: no regrets.

Joey is a true icon of our modern fashion era with more than 200k followers on twitter and more than 29k on Instagram.

He’s a celebrity of a photographer because he’s one of the most known photographers around today.

But what is crazy is that he’s incredibly down to earth and very nice with all the people around.

He drinks a coffee with a celeb in Hollywood in the same way he has a walk in Venice with the stylist during a break, or a jogging time in London with a top model. In the same way he gets a drink with the make up artist or grab a beer with his personal assistant.

For Style magazine, the most normal guy in the world has been revealed with this interview, a man coming from another planet and another time.

Probably one of the most talented photographers of our times. Maybe one of the best ever.

The exclusive interview is available at the following address:


Elle Mikaelsonn
Photo Editor
Style Magazine
[email protected]