FAQs about Creating Product Displays

13 Jan

(Submit Articles) In the retail environment, a display has about three to eight seconds to attract a customers attention, create a desire, and sell a product. This restricted time frame means that a business must target its displays carefully to appeal to its customers. If it fails to do so, it not only risks losing sales but ruining its image as well. For example, the traditional clothing store that suddenly begins showing abstract displays of trendy merchandise is likely to attract some new style-conscious customers. It is also likely to alienate many of its regular customers.

Thus, before displays are built, promotional and visual merchandising staffs should agree on the answers to these questions:

First, what is the image of your business? Are you into printing business that caters to printing marketing materials, or in the fashion business that sells extended lengths beauty products, whitening products, among others? Knowing the image or line of your business offer will determine what will be the appropriate display materials and display concepts for you.

Second, who are your customers? This will be the next factor to consider. Depending on your product lineage, the type of customer you have will also vary. Of course, if you are into the fashion genre, and concentrating on women for instance, your target market should be the female populace. You will also need to consider the age bracket of your customers that will complement your products and services. If you are selling extended lengths make-up and other extended lengths beauty products, it would probably be that your customers’ age bracket is from 18 years old and up.

Third, what kind of merchandise concept is being promoted (trendy, conservative, formal, casual, etc.)? The best example on this is when you are into the clothing line business. You must be specific on what type of dresses and to what particular gender and age it will fit. If you’re into business suits and dresses for working men and women, your display must show it and your store employees must also be wearing business suits to fully emphasize that you mean business.

Fourth, where will the display be built and located? It would be ironic that you are selling business suits or beauty products and that your location would at the wet and dry market. Or vice versa, if you are selling fish and vegetables, you wouldn’t be displaying those at the trendy business establishments, would you? It is advisable that you should be where most of the similar businesses are so you can attract the right customers to your business.

Fifth, what merchandise must be displayed? Of course, you will be displaying your products and services at your store; but concentrate on your product line. Don’t display tennis balls or rackets if you are selling lingerie. You may say that it is also one of your businesses; but it is not appropriate to put them together with say, your lingerie line in one display room or booth.

Last, how will the selection of your merchandise affect the display’s design? How will it affect your business image? Your design should complement your merchandise. It is ideal that your design be as colorful if you are into fashion especially with make-ups and other beauty products. You should opt to have a more serious design and a more formal one if you are into the business of classy suits and dresses. Let your design speak for your products. The more attractive the design, the more appealing it is to your customers.

Once you have answered these questions correctly, you are now ready to build the display for your products.

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