October 26, 2013: FHub, a popular iPad app designed and launched by Ngan Tran, is attracting the attention of thousands of iPad users across the globe. The app converts the iPad to a WiFi drive thereby allowing it to be accessed via other devices and facilitating file transfers and management of files without any kind of hassles. The data can be transferred from iPad to a number of devices including PC, smartphones, laptops, iPads and other tablet devices to name a few.

The file manager app doubles up as an entertainment app as well and comes with additional components including file sharing, eBook reader, multimedia player and web browser among others. The users of the app are particularly in praise about the simple and easy to use dual panel interface that allows one to drag and drop files to manage them more conveniently. The app has been reviewed by some of the renowned review sites and all have rated it with higher ratings. According to igeeksblog.com — “FHub: An iPad File Manager App Which Does More.” While technoblimp.com stated, “FHub: The most powerful file browser for iPad,” appflicker described the app as, “FHub is a utility app that acts as your file manager for apps on your iPad.”

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The app uses SMB file exchange protocol that is supported by almost all modern systems including Mac OSX, Windows, Unix and Linux among others. The app results in letting go of the USB cables completely. Installation of any third party application is also not necessary. With the file manager component, the users can create files and folders, copy, paste and delete files, filter components, save and import/ export photos as well as videos and unzip a range of different formats. Some of the common file server services supported by the app include FTP, SMB, SFTP and WebDAV. The app also supports a few cloud services like SkyDrive, GoogleDrive and DropBox. The app acts as a document and image viewer as well supports a range of different formats.

The app supports Zip and RAR files thereby increasing the reliability when it comes to server to server file transfer. The app browser allows users to export files to PDF, HTML or web archives, bookmark pages and surf in full page mode. In the detailed review by the iPhoenage.com, the website stated, “iPad App FHub acts as a File Manager without Jailbreak. The killer feature for us is Wi-Fi Direct that allows you to transfer data from iPad to iPad, and other devices directly, without the need for Wireless Access Point like a hub or switch.” The representative of the company thanked all the review sites for bringing out the details and providing a positive rating to the app.

The developers released the latest version of the app on October 14, 2013. Sources reveal that the latest version is ad free, allows the users to import audios, podcasts and music from Musics app on iTunes. There are a few user interface enhancements as well to make it compatible for the latest version of iOS. One can learn more about this new App by following the link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fhub/id643152489?ls=1&mt=8.

About FHub

FHub is a unique file manager app for iPads allowing users to transfer files to other devices wirelessly. Designed and developed by by Ngan Tran, the app is now available for the download for the users.

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