Official figures from a recent UK tourism survey have revealed the increase in Britons opting for ‘staycations’. The statistics show that in the first half of the year over 20 million Britons holidayed in the UK- a staggering 16 percent rise in the last year. From holidaying in classic cottages to self-catering trips to campsites Brits are choosing to save their money on holidays.

Many of these travellers admit that Europe’s financial instability has deterred them from holidaying abroad, as well as to save travel costs. The figures suggest that despite the economic situation we Brits refuse to give up on our annual holidays, making sacrifices in other areas.

The rise in ‘staycationing’ is likely to benefit tourist attractions in the UK; and many local businesses feel it is important that we champion English tourism. SEOs of companies like Classic Cottages have long held the view that there are ways to enjoy a trip without breaking the bank and that the UK holiday is better value.

Having had a fantastic year in 2012 with the London Olympics and Royal Jubilee has helped holidays at home prosper. The home games replaced holidays for many in the summer of 2012 and contributed to a renwed patriotic ‘spirit’. The survey found that Cornwall was the most popular ‘staycation’ destination with the Lake District and Edinburgh taking second and third place. These suggested figures mean that ‘staycations’ are likely to produce over £2bn in tourism spend for the UK economy.

For these reasons the domestic tourism trade maintains that the UK holiday market offers the best of British.

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