There is home fitness equipment hire option available in our company. The LCT 11000(Super Deluxe large Treadmill) is considered to very ideal for the serious home runners and the institutional environments. It has a very sturdy frame and a huge 3 HP continuous use motor and an extra-long well cushioned deck that ensures that the user has a very comfortable run whether the user is tall or heavy. Another big advantage of the LCT11000 is foldable and thus can comfortably fit into a small space when it is not being used. The console has a very clear LED display that contains all the key information and as well as a seven program to choose from including HRC and is very user programmable. It is advisable that the user does not try to get it upstairs or in a restricted access point. This is due to its very large size.




The exercise bike available for hire is the Excel Bike- Light Commercial is an excellent choice of exercise equipment. This is due to the fact that it possesses a solid gym feel and is recommended for the user who is searching for a non-impact exercise machine. The bike has a calorie counter, a fitness calculator too. It has a heart rate monitor and a person is therefore able to track personal progress on aspects such as the BMR, BMI, the fat percentage and others. For maximum user comfort and support, the bike has a deluxe adjustable seat and dual action handlebars.




For Treadmills, the Active8 Deluxe Treadmill- Light commercial version is the company’s premium light/ domestic commercial treadmill. The features of the treadmill include: the calorie counter, the heart rate monitor, the electric incline. It also has a powerful motor coupled with a solid build of very high quality. It can be easily folded up when it is not being used and its deck possesses a drop feature and it is low mounted so that it can also be perfect for tall users. Serious athletes and beginners as well can be able to make use of this treadmill.