Five Excuses Stop You from Exercise–Lishou Slimming

06 Aug

I am good at finding a lot of excuses when I do not want to do a sport, maybe, some of you are the same…when we feel a little tired, it is so easy for us to find an excuse.

Now, we know that we should have an exercise, we have heard a lot of benefits, such as sports can makes you healthy, thinner, powerful…but, it same that we are doing better in finding exercise, do you know those following 5 reasons?

1. I have no time.

I promise you have said this, because I know that I have also said this, but, is it really? Of course, maybe you have no 3 hours to go to the fitness club, I also have no, but, I am sure that you certainly you have 30 minutes after your supper, or maybe, you can do some sit-ups when you are watching TV, in fact, we have enough time to ensure our healthy.

2. I hate sports

When I was ten, I certain I hate sports very much, because I was over-weight, when I was doing some sports, it seems that I was dancing, my classmates always laugh at me, so, I do not like sports, maybe you have the same experience, and maybe, you will combine sports with unhappy and uncomfortable, but, there is no need for you to do this, there are so many different kinds of sports, there is no need for you to run around the playground, you can also choose to do some homework, such as walking, running, swimming…maybe you will find that you are suitable for one kind of sports very much.

3. I am tired

After your work, maybe you like to sleep in the sofa very much, you will not to do a walking or some yoga, maybe you are worried, you will be tired after your sports. In fact, tired mainly because that you are lacking of sports, usually, when you are beginning to do this, you will find it is easier. If you really do not like to so some sports, you can choose to walk to your office…it is also a better way to exercise yourself.

4. I am fat

I really agree with this reason, because when I was over-weight, I also feel shy, and I also do not like to do sports in the public place, when you are over-weight, the idea of sports  are enough to make you feel terrible, it is even hardier for you to walk for some minutes, maybe, you can walk around your home, you will find that you are thinner after some days later, if you really do not like other body to see you do some sports, you can choose to some sports at home, such as DVD, rope skipping.

5. I do not want

As far as I see it, this is the most important reason, all of excuse are because you really do not want to do a sport. Maybe you feel this is right, at first, I also do not want to do the sports, but, some days later, I feel that I really enjoy it, it is easy for you to seat in the sofa, but, if you stand up, wear the sports wear, and you feel find, sports are not difficult to do.

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