The expert of meizitang help you find four secrets about aerobic exercise to lose weight

06 Aug

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The standard time are 4-5 mints and 6-7 mints, that means, if you running for 6-8 kilometer, and then you can reach 65% MHR for 30 mints, I believe most of you did not have this body condition, and if your really have this kind of condition to finish this, it will leads you very tired, maybe most of the friends have this experience, that is you go to have the body building exercise, you fell that you are thinner, but, you have no power to have a work, and then, some days later, you will gave up. The expert of meizitang botanical slimming gel said that if you really want to lose weight it should be carried out step by step, any weight lose can not be realised only by one or two exercise,but how should we realise it? Er suggets friends take the Intermittent exercise method, that means you can persist a period which have the high MHR, and then, have a rest or last a time for lower MHR, I do not agree that you keep the MHR for a long time, even though it is good for your willpower, but, if your feel very tired when you are having your second day work, so your should step by step.

3. Oxygen

Oxygen is the key of aerobic exercise, when you are having the exercise, you should have enough oxygen, you can realized how many oxygen can you have when you are having exercise in the fitness club, so we suggest you can have the exercise outdoor.

4. Frequency

 If you did not have any exercise ever, you can go to have a exercise 2 times every week, give yourself enough time to recover yourself, if you keep this for a long time, you can add to 3 times every week, 4 times at most every week. Notice that there is no necessary for you to go to the fitness club everyday, we go to the exercise because we want to have a good healthy condition, why should we make ourselves so tired?