You, as Children, are still in the stage of growing your body and knowledge, and at the same time it’s the time you have to use your eyes much more frequently in your life. Therefore, it’s quite important to protect your eyes, especially in summer vacation when you have two months’ holiday, because during this time, most of you will spend a lot of time on watching TV programs and playing computer or PSP. Here I’m going to introduce five easy for you to safeguard your eyes so that even if you are going to watch TV programs and play computer or PSP for a long time, it will be alright.

First, you should not be choosy about food. Most of you are quite choosy about food, some of you only like eating meat rather than vegetable; some of you just want to eat vegetable rather than meat. These are not right. For your eyes’ good, you have to eat a lot of food rather than some of food so that your eyes are able to absorb enough nutrition. You ought to eat fresh vegetable, fresh fruit, marine product and meat. It’s known that most of you like eating candies and sweetmeat. However, it\'s not good for your eyes. Therefore, you should try your best to eat as little candies and sweetmeat as you can.

Second, every morning when you get up, stay at your window and look at a distant place; and then you can look back. You may repeat doing this for several times, and you also can do some deep breathing. These are very effective to adjust the function of your eyes,

Third, you may do some massages to your eyes every morning or the time before you go to sleep. You may stand or sit and close your eyes, and rub your hands until they are hot. Rapidly you put your hands on your eyes and stroke your eyes. At this time your eyes are able to feel a strand of warm current. You do this for several times and it\'s able to improve the circulation of your eyes.

Fourth, every time when you wash your face, you can use hot water or hot towel to wash your eyes. You may just let hot water or hot towel stay at your eyes. Each time you have to do it for around five minutes.

Fifth, you have to let your eyes turn. When you are watching TV programs or playing computer or PSP, your eyes are fixing on a screen and your eyeballs rarely turn so that your eyes become drier and drier and at the same time they are easy to get tired. Therefore, you have to turn your eyes every hour after you watch TV programs or play computer or PSP for five to ten minutes. It is helpful to improve your strength.

It’s really significant for you to protect your eyes, especially in summer vacation. Only if you protect your eyes well, your strength won’tbe worse; and it’s likely that it will be better and better.

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