Writing the right message in greeting cards can be a hard task today. With lots of people creating commercial greeting cards, and lots more creating custom print greeting cards, it is hard to be original and â€Å“specialâ€Â with your message. However, you must not lose hope and just reprint or copy someone elseâ€â„¢s greeting card. You can still pull off a proper written composition for custom greeting card printing if you just put your mind to it. Let me give you five writing tips for custom greeting card printing that should help you come up with an original and still special message. Just read the list below.

1. Do not â€Å“over thinkâ€Â the message – First and foremost, you might want to remember to NOT OVER THINK your greeting card message. This is actually the first problem that many greeting card writers face. They think they need to really be very distinct, innovative and special with their custom greeting cards that the message becomes too forced, wild or just too â€Å“over thoughtâ€Â.

The key to writing a good custom message for custom greeting cards is to essentially start with the core message. Starting from there, you just need to improve upon it by choosing better words and better lines. It is that simple, and you donâ€â„¢t really need to over-think too much. As long as the core of the message is there and you are writing something original it should be fine.

2. Use a writing style that you are comfortable with – Another thing you should remember when writing for custom print greeting cards is to use a writing style that you are most comfortable with. You donâ€â„¢t have to â€Å“soundâ€Â like someone else in your greeting cards to deliver the right custom greeting card message. You donâ€â„¢t need to be a poet savant to impress your readers. Just be real and be your natural friendly self and use the style that you usually use for your loved ones. Believe me, a custom greeting card sounds best if the message does sound like your own style. So make sure you use that writing style. that is truly your own and you are most comfortable with.

3. Use some powerful words for impact – Single words can have a big impact on a custom greeting card. So never forget to use them in your own color greeting card messages. A few power words of note include Love, Together, You, Save and Free. Use them in your titles as well as your main greeting card message. This will had that subtle but essential impact in your custom print greeting cards.

4. Do not make the message too long – Remember as well that in writing for custom greeting cards, you should not make the message too long. More or less it should not take up more than half the greeting card if possible. People donâ€â„¢t have patience with overly long greeting card messages because it is not really normal. If it is too long, you might as well send a letter right? So keep note of your message length and cut sections off when possible.

5. Write truthfully from the heart – Finally, you should of course always write truthfully from your heart. The best custom greeting card messages are the ones that come truly from your mind and heart. If you bring out all the important feelings and thoughts into your greeting card; that alone will give that special value and impact to your message that no poem or quotation can match. So always try to write truthfully from the heart and you will get the best custom greeting card message that you want.

Great! Now it should be easy for you to write the correct message for your custom greeting cards. Good Luck!

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