November 2013: — In 2011 Fly Supply Clothing started out in a 10×10 bedroom as a screen print graphic t-shirt business with a dream in Miami, FL, fast-forward 2 years later the brand has become a high demand men’s apparel line operating out of their newly renovated 4000 sq ft. warehouse. Fly Supply Clothing began with a mission to create a feel-good brand that provides the consumer with quality products, inspires confidence, encourages freedom of speech and fosters creativity at affordable prices. Quickly the shirts became popular amongst celebrities and athletes, because of their trendsetting designs and concepts that were being produced continuously. With the exposure of the brand from celebrities the popularity grew as well as the demand for the apparel. 

In 2 years Fly Supply Clothing has been able to establish an impression in the fashion industry not only in Miami, but throughout the Country; and overseas for that matter. The apparel is available in over 100 clothing stores in the US, selling a vast amount of products wholesale to distributors, and a full online store ( Fly Supply Clothing aims to provide diverse items that have no demographic boundaries and connects all humanity under one value: being “fly” meaning freedom to express themselves without limits. 

In the two year span of the apparel line establishment Fly Supply Clothing has continued to develop new concepts to attract new consumers and retain current clientele; by 2014 the brand is already in works of developing their initial cut-sew collection along with an arsenal of other products outside of their traditional known graphic tees. The brand is molding a culture of trendsetters, encouraging freedom of expression, inspiring others to follow their own destiny, and follow dreams not orders. Fly Supply Clothing has expanded its outlets with an online blogInstagramTwitter, and Facebook to capture all audience base in different spectrums. 

About Fly Supply Clothing 

Fly Supply Clothing is a feel good men’s apparel brand that produces quality products headquartered in Miami, FL. Since October 2011 Fly Supply Clothing’s mission has been to inspire confidence, encourage freedom of speech, and foster creativity. As a continuously growing brand Fly Supply Clothing knows no race, class or demographic boundaries and it connects all humanity under one value “Being fly”. For more information, please visit: 

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